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1. Mostly this is still a standard list of current best sellers, but the top two are here because they're on the October INDIE NEXT LIST. That prestigious list from independant booksellers committed to doing some serious hand-selling is largely fiction, but a mazeltov to the two writers of non-fiction we include here. (And in the case of Pulitzer Prize-winning Matt Richtel - who we mention here is an AR&E client, because other parts of this site indicate so with Matt's permission - he's a novelist as well.)

1. A DEADLY WANDERING, by Matt Richtel; AGENT: Laurie Liss at Sterling Lord Literistic in NYC.

2. ON IMMUNITY: An Inoculation, by Eula Biss; AGENT: Matt McGowan at Frances Goldin Literary in NYC.

NORMAL SERVICE WILL NOW RESUME... Current Non-Fiction Bestsellers listed below. Scroll down for the Indie Next October fiction list.

3. THE MOCKINGBIRD NEXT DOOR, by Marja Mills; AGENT: Miriam Altshuler. Lawyer's leters from Harper Lee crying foul did not, in this case, cause the publisher or author to withdraw. They obviously believe in their side of the story.

4. HARD CHOICES, by Hillary Rodham Clinton; AGENT: Robert Barnett an attorney at Williams & Connolly in DC has sold all the Clintons'literary output. Barnett takes a one-time very hefty price for the negotiation, but not an agent's 15%+ piece of all the ongoing action. And see Daniel Silva in the fiction list to prove that for the right writers, Barnett does as well with fiction as non-fiction.

5. FLASH BOYS, by Michael Lewis; AGENT: Al Zuckerman. Founder of Writers House and technically retired. Not necessarily so you'd notice.

6.NO PLACE TO HIDE, by Glenn Greenwald ; AGENT: Dan Conaway at Writers House.

7. THE ROMANOV SISTERS, by Helen Rappaport; AGENT: Charlie Viney in London. This one originally sold in 2012. Rappaport now seems to have moved with her latest to Caroline Michel at PFD in London. US sales by the UK agents in both cases.

8. OUTLIERS, by Malcolm Gladwell; AGENT: Tina Bennett at Wm Morris Endeavor. And see the first entry above. This one originally published in 2008 is bumped up by Gladwell's latest release, and of course the e-book.

9. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, by Piper Kerman; AGENT: Stuart Krichevsky. Much more in keeping with the Krichevsky list then his novelist client's entry in the fiction list below.

10. SPECIAL HEART, by Bret Baier with Jim Mills; AGENT: Claudia Cross at Folio Literary Management and Larry Kramer of Kramer Talent Management (Baier is a Fox News anchor, so the involvement of a talent agent isn't a surprise.)


Here's who sold the books that have made the October ABA INDIE NEXT LIST. Mazeltov to authors and agents alike. And there are a few AR&E clients on the list, but modesty forbids...

1. LEAVING TIME, by Jodi Picoult; AGENT: Laura Gross at her eponymous agencey in Newton, MA. Low-profile agent, high profile clients.

2. THE PAYING GUESTS, by Sarah Waters; AGENT: Judith Murray at Greene & Heaton in London.

3.A SUDDEN LIGHT, by Garth Stein; AGENT: Jeff Kleinman at Folio Literary Management in NYC (though Kleinman operated for years out of DC).

4. SOME LUCK, by Jane Smiley; AGENT: Molly Friedrich who runs her own shop out of NYC, but mostly just manages her remarkable backlist and the authors who have been with her for years. Except when she makes an exception...

5. LILA, by Marilynne Robinson; AGENT: Ellen Levine who was long an independent, but joined forces with Trident Media Group in NYC a dozen years ago.

6. MAN V. NATURE, Stories by Diane Cook; AGENT: Seth Fishman at The Gernert Company.

7. HOW TO BUILD A GIRL, by Caitlin Moran; AGENT: Georgia Garrett at Rogers, Coleridge and White in London.

8. THE HIGH DIVIDE, by Lin Enger; AGENT: PJ Mark at Janklow and Nesbit in NYC.

9. NIGHT BLINDNESS, by Susan Strecker; AGENT Lisa Gallagher at Sanford J. Gallagher Associates in NYC.

10. FLORENCE GORDON, by Brian Morton; AGENT: Henry Dunow at Dunow, Carlson and Lerner in NYC.

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